so i am queer and the same

so i am not the same as you are..

i don’t follow the trends expected for me to follow

is that so bad? do you do as you are told?all the time?

if you do then great , but i don’t

i have massive flaws, i have things id rather hide

i speak even when i am not supposed to

i do what is considered sin but then again , who doesn’t?

we are a different society , but then i also believe i put the bow in rainbow

i believe that no matter how hard you try its not gonna change

i have learned that whatever the fuck i want to do.. i will do

i have come to accept that the world will never be content

so i am not gonna try..

i have come to believe that faith is practice and practice is faith

i have continued to pray and ask for favor..

notice that i do not pray to you

so i am queer, who cares?

i walk and talk the same, i eat and sing the same, i drink and breathe the same and most of all i still don’t care … the same!!!

so i am queer but then again who cares if i am gay?


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