so I woke up one morning and went on my way with my life as usual  out of mu skull as usual,

tempted to sin as  usual

goin on about what I wish life could be as  usual i got on a taxi as usual, paid my dues as usual

I looked outside the window to avoid small talk as usual

but bow something started to phase me…..why is it so usual? shouldn’t there be something that sets each day apart from the next,

  that would make this day better than the rest

I then went off the routine, I looked to my left there… there set a gorgeous creation, a beautiful work of art

hey, I am Lexy I said out loud, no phases, no regrets and no second guesses hey I am Zandaya she sang,

I know I know it’s not singing if it doesn’t have melody, symphony or a flow

but you were not there to see it were you? she was so beautiful that I lost everything in her eyes.

I then started stumbling on my words like: you , you, y..ou look really nice and I like your that is too nice , what did I do to deserve such a compliment she blushed, I lost my words again… short left , she said.. bye.. she said again..

I smiled and nodded … my heart started feeling heavy and as usual I looked out the life went back to THE USUAL I then decided to write a later to her to prevent my life from going back to the usual.dearest.. Zandaya

remember the day I met you? no-no now .. I can’t say that she probably doesn’t remember me, ok here I go again.. I met you in th taxi a few weeks back, and ever since its been hard for me to breathe because you took off with my breath, LIKE LADY I tried finding you in places I never went, I went to this [poetry session because I  thought if there was any other place id find you, it would have to be a place that resembled what you looked like to me..

for real y’all she looked like a representation of beauty, she looked like a harmonious symphony, she sounded better than the angels, she smelled like creativity, she spoke like… like poetry and she made my heart sing, she made life better in a split second, she was out of the ordinary, she was perfect…

but then with all of her perfections and all that I wanted to tell her .. I wrote it but she didn’t see it, because I hadn’t her number, I hadn’t her address and well she was lost in space.

but then again she told me she liked this poem…

I guess we never really separated, the truth is this was not usual because usually I would have gotten phased like I just told you guys.. she is a dream come true.. i wake up to kiss her each morning as usual


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